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Places of Interest

Kasteli, the hill of ancient city.

Discoveries from the Roman period are abundant in the region.

The hill of the ancient city has a height of 327 metres. Here there are ruins of the ancient city of Anafaians, it was founded in the 8th century BC by Dorian settlers and it dominated the life of the island until the end of the ancient world.

The fortification of the ancient city is visible and there are extensive remains of the cemetery. The discoveries from the Roman period, an era of prosperity for the island, are rich and abundant in the region, with a particularly impressive sarcophagus next to a small historical small chapel of the Virgin Mary at Dokari.

The Monastery of Source of Life (Zoodohou Pighis)

The Monastery of Zoodohou Pighis stands is on the narrow isthmus that separates the bulk of the island from the peninsula of Kalamos.
It is built on the site of the ancient temple of Apollo Aigliti, which was connected with the city by the paved Sacred Road (some parts are preserved today). There are preserved parts of masonry of the temple and its precinct, which is also part of the current precinct of the monastery.

Kalamos mountain

The monolithic rock is where, on the higher edge, you will find the Church of The Virgin Mary of Kalamiotissa. The view will leave you breathless!

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