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The Island

Anafi is a small but especially unique island!  It is located on the southeastern edge of the Cyclades  and lives in the "shadow" of the more touristic Santorini, 12 nautical miles away.

Along Anafi’s southern coast, from Chora to the Kalamos peninsula - known as the "Gibraltar" of the Aegean - in a length of 9 km there are beautiful beaches not easily accessible by land - hence their unspoiled beauty and character. Its most popular beaches are Klisidi, Katsouni-Flamourou, Big Roukounas, Megas Potamos, Agioi Anargyroi, and at the base of the dramatic “rock,” Prassies or Monastiri and a multitude of other small bays that you will surely discover!

The short distances on Anafi allow hiking on its paths even for the most beginners! To walk these paths you don't need any special equipment other than good shoes and a small backpack for snacks and water.


Anafi enjoys a hot climate. According to the Köppen-Geiger Climatic Classification System (2007 revision), Anafi and Santorini are the only parts of Europe with a classification of BWh.


Afterwards the last administrative rearrangement (Ministry of Interior, Program Kallikratis - Official Journal Of The Hellenic Republic A87 of 07/06/2010), constitutes Municipality of Region of Southern Aegean.



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